49. Mors Grand Prix

49. Mors Grand Prix


Mors Grand Prix car 1903. The Mors automobile factory was an early French car manufacturer. It was one of the first to take part in automobile racing, beginning in 1887, due to the belief of the company founder in racing’s technical and promotional benefits.  Mors was one of the first automobiles to use the V engine configuration. The Mors 60 horsepower Grand Prix car was powered by a 10 litre V 4. The car had a steel chassis and a four-speed transmission that drove to rear wheels via chain drive and rear-wheel brakes. André Citroën became chairman of Mors in 1908 and restored the company’s viability. I 1925 Citroën bought Mors outright and closed it down,using its factory for the production of his Citroën automobiles.

Original watercolour of Mors Grand Prix

  • Signed by the Dutch artist Giovanni Casander himself
  • Watercolour on art paper
  • Not framed
  • Free International Shipping
  • Size : 28,5 cm x 20,5 cm = 11.22″ x 8.07″
  • Price : € 495,–


Prints of this watercolour

    • Limited Edition art print (100 pcs) € 49,– each, numbered
    • Shipping Europe € 15,– , worldwide on request



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