39. Alfa Romeo RLTF

39. Alfa Romeo RLTF

Three different versions were made : Normale, Turismo and Sport. The RLTF (Targa Florio) was the race version of RL – it weighed half of normal versions, the engine had seven main bearings instead of four and double carburetors. The 1923 Alfa’s raceteam had drivers like Ugo Sivocci, Antonio Ascari, Giulio Maseti and Enzo Ferrari. Sirocci’s car had a green cloverleaf symbol on white background and when he won Targa Florio 1923, that symbol was to become the Alfa team’s good luck token.



Original watercolour of Alfa Romeo RLTF


  • Signed by the Dutch artist Giovanni Casander himself
  • Watercolour on art paper
  • Not framed
  • Free International Shipping
  • Size : 29 cm x 18,5 cm = 11.42″ x 7.28″
  • Price : € 495,–


Prints of this watercolour

    • Limited Edition art print (100 pcs) € 49,– each, numbered
    • Shipping Europe € 15,– , worldwide on request



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