32. Bugatti type 32 tank

32. Bugatti type 32 tank_full

Bugatti type 32 Tank finished third in the Grand Prix that year. This was the first Bugatti to be fitted with roller-bearing big ends in order to improve the bottom-end reability (Bugatti was rather late than most manufacturers in the incorporation of a fully pressurised oilsystem, preferring a splash “spit and hope” delivery method). The type 32 also broke new ground (for a racing bug) by using a three-speed and reverse transaxle unit, the exceptionally short wheelbase and long straight  8 engine making a conventional gearbox difficult to accommodate. It also heralded an hydraulic front brake actuation. Another tank-bodied Bugatti racer the 1936 type 57G was much more successful. Only two cars have survived.

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